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Truma heating Aria 60-60-35 mm tube for motorhome and caravan


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The Truma Heating Aria 60-60-35 mm Tube is an indispensable component for optimizing the heating system in your motorhome or caravan. Designed to ensure seamless air distribution, this versatile tube adapts from 60mm to 35mm, providing the flexibility needed to customize your heating layout and ensure every corner of your vehicle is warm and comfortable.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Truma Heating Aria tube is durable and reliable, capable of withstanding the demands of frequent travel and varied weather conditions. The 60-60-35 mm design allows for efficient connection between ducts of different sizes, facilitating smooth and consistent airflow from your Truma heater to various parts of your motorhome or caravan.

Ideal for both new installations and system upgrades, this tube enhances the efficiency of your blown air heating system by enabling tailored warm air distribution. It is particularly useful for directing heat to specific areas, such as under-seat compartments, storage spaces, or compact living areas, ensuring even warmth throughout your vehicle.

Easy to install and integrate with existing Truma systems, the Truma Heating Aria 60-60-35 mm Tube is a practical and effective solution for enhancing your on-the-road comfort. Invest in this essential heating accessory to enjoy a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your motorhome or caravan, regardless of the season.

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